Popping Instructions

First, you will need a fryer, anything that will heat the vat of edible oil to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Something similar to a turkey fryer will work. You will also need a utensil to keep the skins held under the oil for one full minute.

Fill the vat a little over half full with clean vegetable oil. You will need to have a Thermometer to measure the heat. Do not let the heat get above 415 degrees Fahrenheit; Most oils have a flash point of around 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the oil reaches 400 degrees, drop a small handful of pork skin pellets into the oil. After the pellets have been under the oil for one minute, release them from under the oil and scoop them out. Place on a plate covered with 3 layers of papers towels to drain the Surface oil from the skins.

You can now season the skins if you want an extra flavor. For example BBQ or Salt and vinegar seasoning. There is no reason to salt the pork skins, as they are already seasoned With salt.

If the skins do not fully expand, try a few less skins in the next batch. Enjoy eating hot, or served after they have cooled to the touch.